Classic Truss has serviced Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana for almost 30 years. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative, high-quality truss solutions that meet their unique needs.

Looking for a comprehensive set of plans to start building your project in Lexington? No Problem. Our expert design team can take your existing plans and create an entirely new version that is easy to work with.

Framing questions in Columbus? We have it covered. When it comes to setting your trusses and wall panels, our experienced crew is available to help with every step of the process.

Need a rush delivery of trusses in Indianapolis? That’s what we do. At Classic Truss, we understand that many builders need a streamlined process, and we can engineer, manufacture, and install your trusses and wall panels under one roof.

As a truss company that serves Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, we are proud to be a part of these vibrant communities.