Roof Truss

Our roof trusses are carefully engineered, constructed, and assembled to give your project structural and aesthetic benefits. Like all Classic Truss products, we build roof trusses from the highest quality lumber available. Through precise computer design and factory assemblage, Classic Truss’s superior roof trusses fit your project’s exact specifications and are delivered to the job site ready to install. 

  • Roof Trusses are manufactured in a controlled environment, resulting in greater precision and uniformity.
  • Faster installation lessens the time a structure’s interior will be exposed to the elements, ensuring that the lumber does not degrade in quality.
  • Requires less lumber than traditional rafters, resulting in a more cost-effective product that is lightweight and installation requires fewer people.

Wall Panels

Offsite prefabricated wall panel construction can dramatically improve the building process. With a faster building cycle and consistent quality, prebuilt wall panels increase cost-effectiveness by reducing construction time and construction errors that can compromise a project’s air-tightness and structural durability. In addition, Classic Truss’s manufacturing staff and our fleet of delivery trucks can have wall panels built and delivered directly to a home or job site, letting the builder focus on other aspects of the job. 

  • Reduces the construction time, reducing the customer’s costs and allowing them to deliver a top-quality structure in less time.
  • Less job site material waste.
  • Classic Truss constructs wall panels to the exact specifications of your plans. When delivered, there is no need to worry about the wrong-size wall panels.

Floor Truss

Like any building, a project needs a well-built support system to keep it safe and reliable. A floor truss helps to keep floors level and sturdy. Floor truss systems are a very economical and high-quality choice for any home. The interconnecting system between joists goes above and beyond the simple joist system common to other floors.

  • Creates stronger, sturdier floors that can bear weight more effectively, reducing the necessity for additional weight-bearing beams being added intermittently into the floor structure.
  • Eliminates the need for notching or boring due to its open web-like design, creating greater flexibility in the installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC runs.
  • Classic Truss constructs floor trusses utilizing smaller pieces of wood, eliminating waste and lowering the cost of materials.