Class Truss & Wood Components, Inc. - What we do...

Since 1995 Classic Truss & Wood Components has been engineering and manufacturing structural building components. What started out as just one experienced framer with the desire to create a better way to build has now grown to well over 100 employees and countless contractors, Classic Truss is now the leading wall panel manufacturer in the region.

Using the latest technologies, Classic Truss stays on the leading edge of the structural component industry.

"By never settling and constantly looking for ways to improve our process is how we remain the most efficient, the most cost effective, and the most quality conscious solution for our builders. This is what has allowed us to grow."

Jeff Corbett President

We are here to help you in any way you need. If you are new to the structural component and/or construction industry our experienced sales engineers can work with you to help "fine tune" your plans in order to insure the most structural sound construction.

Don't have a complete set of plans from which to build? No problem, the Classic Design team can take what you have and create a full set of "component friendly" plans for you.

Don't have an experienced framing crew setting trusses and wall panels? Again, absolutely no problem. Almost every builder we meet is in the exact same situation. We can either help train you and your crew or even better, we can become your framing crew by not only engineering and manufacturing your trusses and wall panels but also installing them! This will get your structure completely under roof in record time with unsurpassed quality.

From concept to under roof, we have the experience and the capabilities to help you succeed. Classic Truss and Wood Components can start making your life easier and your company more profitable.

Contact us today for a FREE estimate on your next project and let us prove it!