Contact Classic Truss

We want to thank you for visiting Please contact us with any questions you may have about how using structural components such as roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels can help your company.

Classic Truss is based out of Clarksville, Indiana, servicing the Southern Indiana, Louisville, Lexington, Cincinatti and Evansville regions. Our office and manufacturing facilities are located at 2709 Blackiston Mill Road, Clarksville, Indiana.

Classic Truss is made up of well over 100 experienced employees ready to help you. Below are a few key personnel along with their direct contact information. If you are not sure who to contact our friendly office will be glad to help and can be reached at 812-944-5821.

Jeff Corbett - President / Co-Owner
(812) 944 - 5821 Ext. 14

Jeff is a well respected business man and experienced framer who also happens to be the founder of Classic Truss. Jeff is still very much involved with the operations of his company.

Greg Whitt - Production Manager / Co-Owner
(812) 944 - 5821 Ext. 40

Greg holds an MBA and is responsible for the daily quality production and punctual delivery for which Classic Truss is so well-known. Contact Greg with any production or delivery questions.

Marty Scott - Operations Manager
(812) 944 - 5821 Ext. 37

Marty manages all the estimates that come into the office. If you have a specific question regarding your estimate feel free to contact Marty directly.

Monty Stutsman - Sales Engineer
(812) 944 - 5821 Ext. 15

Monty Stutsman is our most experienced outside sales engineer. He has helped clients build hundreds of projects successfully using the most advanced efficient techniques available. If you you are ready to build Monty is the one to contact.

Ryan Walther - Head Truss Engineer
(812) 944 - 5821 Ext. 30

Ryan heads up the engineering team and can answer any structural question you may have.

Teresa Talley - Controller/Office Manager
(812) 944 - 5821 Ext. 11

Teresa is in charge of accounts payable and receivable and runs our administrative office. Teresa is the one to talk to about any billing issues.